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Daughter of Asclepius

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March 12th, 2005

09:43 pm - St. Jude's Hospital
Ariadne makes her way down the hospital hall, carrying a paper cup containing a pair of capsules.

Hearing an unfamiliar voice inside Room 172, she pauses in the doorway, regarding her patient and his visitor.

"Hi," she says with a smile. "Sorry to interrupt, but it's time for his medicine."

Mortal eyes see a woman in her twenties with a Mediterranean complexion and warm brown eyes, her black hair worn in a knot at the crown of her head. She's wearing a crisp white uniform and running shoes, a stethescope slung around her shoulders.

Fae eyes see a vivacious satyr, ivory-colored horns poking up through her raven-black hair. Her goat legs are covered with a pelt of silky black waves from her waist to her dainty black hooves. She's wearing a short dress of Chinese brocade, cut to enhance her curves, but leaving her legs free for easy movement.
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February 20th, 2005

08:11 pm - Ritual of Healing
The scents of cedar and sage blend as Ariadne, clad in a simple green shift, kneels before the altar holding the statue of Asclepius, the crystal cluster cradled in her hands. Asclepius, father of healing, please hear thy daughter's call. I ask for your aid - please help Father Joseph.

She concentrates, pouring the energies of hope and healing into the crystal, until it seems to glow to her faerie sight. Then she sets it carefully on the altar, sitting back on her heels. There. That should do it.
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