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Ritual of Healing - Daughter of Asclepius

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February 20th, 2005

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08:11 pm - Ritual of Healing
The scents of cedar and sage blend as Ariadne, clad in a simple green shift, kneels before the altar holding the statue of Asclepius, the crystal cluster cradled in her hands. Asclepius, father of healing, please hear thy daughter's call. I ask for your aid - please help Father Joseph.

She concentrates, pouring the energies of hope and healing into the crystal, until it seems to glow to her faerie sight. Then she sets it carefully on the altar, sitting back on her heels. There. That should do it.
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Date:February 25th, 2005 12:52 am (UTC)
In the hospital, Fr. Joseph was dreaming.

He dreamed he was on a tall mountain, in Greece (although how he knew it was Greece, he never knew), with a beautiful woman. In fact, it was the nurse who visited him so often. In her hand was a crystal cross. She asked him one question and presented the cross to him. "Θεωρείτε?"

"Yes," Father Joseph replied before he reached down to kiss the cross. "Yes, I believe."

In the waking world, tension that had been in Fr. Joseph's body that he didn't know was there relaxed, and a few small links between his body and his mind were reforged.

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